“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering*”

The whole “Fan’s View” section has caused quite a lot of reaction across forums from the teams involved. The main reaction I have had, off emails, has been positive. I believe supporters have enjoyed reading the views of other supporters; whether they agree with them is another thing.nnI suppose that is the great thing about Rugby League. Every supporter is passionate about the game and, in particular, their club. The team you follow is an immediate member of your family – actually probably stronger – it is a loved one. No matter how much they at times destroy you and ruin you day, month, week, year, or even life, you never lose faith with them. You remember the good times and pray they will return again. People can divorce their wives and husbands but altering your team has no legal standing in the court of law.nnAs it is your team you can say anything you like about them. You can slate the coach for his one dimensional tactics, the players for not “trying” or “caring” when they pull on the famous jumper. The pies for not being as nice as the meat and potato you had at Swinton in 1974, But if anybody else has a go then all hell lets loose!nnDuring the week every supporter of every club has picked holes in all the other team’s responses. Just trawl through the various messageboards and you will see the reaction the series has provoked. My inbox has been a popular place at the moment too.nnI do take my criticism on the chin (I did have some disapproval on the Salford fan board – thanks Ronnie) as I can’t keep every supporter happy unless I suggest expanding to a nineteen team division. But my personal views are that; mine.nnOpinions. Judgements. Views. That is all I have to offer. I do not make these without any back up to my arguments. I know that I may not be right (in fact, if you ask my better half she’d say I never am) but I wanted to have my guess, like the rest of you, about what will happen. I’m sincerely sorry if my views have offended your loved one.nnI’d also like to thank the majority of supporter who took time to email me and offer their views and support. And the majority of supporters who enjoyed reading the views of others. On Monday the series will continue.nnRugby League used to be a happy family. I remember putting the odd pound in the bucket for teams in trouble. Making sure I bought a ticket for the half time draw and a programme. The whole licence process has started major arguments, back biting, and general unpleasantness, as the teams involved, sorry the supporters of teams involved, try to pick holes and score points on each other.nnI’ve heard some supporters say some terrible things that have taken them away from the spirit of Rugby League. For example supporters are refusing to travel to away games in case they boost their rivals attendance; incidentally these are all made up by some random internet number generator. Everybody is so scared of missing out we have forgotten that the most important thing is that Rugby League moves forward. I, for one, will be glad when this whole process is over and we can return to enjoying the greatest game of all.nn*As you may know the title of this piece is a quote from a very wise and ancient philosopher that I think best sums up how this fear of missing out has changed the mindset of almost every Rugby League Supporter.nnkevin.finney@lasttackle.com

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