Doubleheaders planned for Belle Vue

Doubleheaders are set to take place at Belle Vue in 2017 featuring home games for both Wakefield and Sheffield.

Sheffield will play their home matches at Wakefield’s ground next season.

Trinity chairman Michael Carter has confirmed to Love Rugby League that plans are underway for Belle Vue to host both Super League and Championship action on the same day.

“When Sheffield first approached us we saw the opportunities really on our catering side of adding to the bottom line with beer and food sales,” Carter said.

“They’re keen to work with us. It works for them in terms of the cost, because it’s not a fortune for them.

“Unfortunately they couldn’t find anywhere in South Yorkshire that was suitable for their needs at the right price.

“We were pretty glad to help, obviously it helps us as well. We’ve already started talking about our season ticket holders getting good ticket prices for Sheffield games.

“I think there will be some general interest from Trinity fans as well. I think it is a win-win for both parties.”

A doubleheader could talk place on Sunday, February 12, for Wakefield’s first home game of the season.

Under the proposal Trinity would face Hull FC, and then Sheffield would play Toulouse.

“There’s a few logisitcal things we need to get across first, particularly in terms of Toulouse’s travel,” Carter said.

“I was particularly keen that we don’t hinder ourselves in terms of the playing surface, because obviously its the first game of the Super League season and we want everything to be right for the Hull game.”

A joint ticket covering both matches could be sold for February 12. There is also the possiblity of three other doubleheaders at Belle Vue in 2017.

“There’s other opportunities during the season,” Carter said.

“We will be looking at that as well.”

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