Donaldson wants promotion push

Hull KR forward James Donaldson says the Robins have to be back in Super League in 2018.

The Robins were relegated from Super League after losing to Salford in the Million Pound Game.

The 25-year old has insisted that they aren’t planning on sticking around in the Championship for several seasons.

“I think we have got to be up there,” he told Love Rugby League.

“There’s no question about it that you got to go back first time.

“I’m not talking us up yet, we’ll do our job from the field but we are definitely expecting a big year.”

“We have settled back into it [pre-season[ pretty fast and from day one I think everyone came back in pretty good condition.

“We’re really enjoying it at the moment and we’re building nicely.”

Hull KR have signed a number of players since last season, but James Donaldson believes there are more to come ahead of life in the Championship.

“I think they have brought in the right people in and I don’t think they’re over, “he said.

“I think there will be a few more signings but it’s exciting times.”

The new faces, including Jordan Abdull, Jamie Ellus and Andrew Heffernan, have lifted the mood according to Donaldson.

“A lot of new faces have arrived and people that have stayed have stayed for the right reasons,” he said.

“There are a few good characters in the team, who have brought a bit of energy and a bit of a laugh about the place so it’s all good.”

Donaldson decided to stay with the Robins following the club’s relegation.

The former Bradford back-rower had interest from Australian clubs, but he has stressed that he never had any intention of jumping ship and was keen to right the wrongs of last season.

“I still had it in the back of my head that something had to be put right after that last game especially with some of my good mates staying as well,” he said.

“I don’t want to be one of them people who is known for having more clubs than Tiger Woods.

“I was settled in the place and I believed in what the club were doing going forward.”

Tim Sheens is the new Robins head coach after replacing interim boss James Webster. Donaldson believes Sheens needs to build a solid foundation before worrying about anything else.

“I think that he just has to go back to basics on everything,” he said.

“He needs to make sure we’re on the money with every play.”

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