Doc & Dek: The weigh-in approaches

The battle to be the biggest loser in the Betfred Super League is entering a decisive phase.

As the days tick away to the eagerly awaited Dacia Magic Weekend match-up between Leigh Centurions and Salford Red Devils, respective club owners Derek Beaumont and Marwan Koukash are approaching the finishing line in their weighty challenge.

The date – 21st May, 2017 – is already firmly etched in their diaries.

Beaumont and Koukash revealed their challenge last September to each lose weight and at the same time raise some money to be split across two charities close to rugby league – the Steve Prescott Foundation and Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund.

The tale of the scales was that Koukash weighed in just over the 18 and a half stone mark and Derek on the nose of the 19 stone mark.

They both aimed to reduce their weight to a target of 15 and a half stone for the day of the Magic Weekend match-up.

On the day the respective owners will strip off pitch-side at the Sports Direct Arena for the “weigh in” and see who has achieved their goals and who has lost the most weight.

The official “weigh in” will be conducted by an official just prior to kick-off between the clubs and be televised live on Sky Sports.

The loser will donate £5,000 to be shared by the chosen charities and in addition to this for every pound in weight either man is over their target weight they will each donate £1,000.

Sky Sports has been following the story and seen the remarkable way both men have risen to the challenge.

Koukash called in at LSV for last Saturday’s Betfred Super League game against Widnes Vikings and compared notes with Beaumont.

The pair said: “We have both made a lot of progress, but still have come way to go with the finishing line in sight.

“Everyone can see for themselves we have risen to the challenge and now we want our respective club supporters to back us.

“We have set up a dedicated on-line page for donations for our fans, sponsors and Rugby League supporters in general to help us raise money for two magnificent charities.”

If you wish to make a donation, please click here.


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