Denis Betts: ‘Wigan bullied and battered Widnes in second half’

Widnes coach Denis Betts says his side got bullied and battered in the second half by the physicality of Wigan.

The Vikings led 16-0 until the 39th minute at the DW Stadium on Friday night following tries from Matt Whitley and Stefan Marsh as well as four goals from Tom Gilmore.

The Warriors stepped up a gear though and then scored 32 unanswered points, with tries coming from Joe Burgess, Ryan Sutton, Tommy Leuluai, Liam Farrell, Sam Tomkins and Tom Davies.

Speaking after the game, Betts said: “We showed some energy but we gave Wigan too many chances and we can’t give them as much ball as we did and expect not to run out of energy.

“We can’t not kick the ball in touch when we get penalties and we can’t drop the ball on the first play when we have been under the cosh. We worked really hard but we just ran out of steam and punch.

“We got bullied in the second half, we got run over the top of and we got battered by a very physical side. They’ve got some good players in their team and they have got some pretty big boys and they taught us a lesson in the second half by running hard and tackling hard.

“We lost the penalty count badly, we lost the ball loads in the first half and we ended up 16-4 in front and they scored on the last play of the first half. We did some really good stuff in the first half but we still didn’t help ourselves with our field position and the territory that we gave Wigan.”

Widnes have had two five-day turnarounds already this season, against Warrington Wolves two weeks ago and Wigan this week.

And Betts has slammed the fixture schedule, deeming it not fair.

He added: “I had three lads coming back and we were on a five-day turnaround again.

“It’s not an equal playing field when you have got two sides playing each other who have had different turnarounds at different stages of the week. That’s just unfair.

“It happens and you have got to get on with it but we have done it twice this year so far and both times we have ended up running out of steam, we did it against Warrington and we’ve done it again against Wigan. It’s just hard to go from Sunday to Friday.

“We put a fight up but the best team won in the end – they bullied and battered us.”


  1. How dare Denis accuse Wigan of bullying.They are the cleanest team in the league,and are not capable of any kind of bullying =MUCH,bunch of thugs the lot of them.

      • Rugby leauge is a man’s man game its going to be tuff and i was brought up on it in the late 70’s early 80’s when rugby was a working mans game,
        How can you call them thugs if they play within the rules they play hard and fair, And as for the 2 coaches they both played at the highest level in the game both for wigan and Great Briton and won silver ware so they both know the drill and how to play the game of what is one of the hardest games im the world and thats is coming from a semi – pro not a terrace warrior or a armchair pundit who as never played a game in their life !

        • So Wigan are not thugs,and play within the rules.Since when has it “been within the rules”to smash someone in the face who is out cold.This is just one instance of many where Wigan have played “within the rules”By the way who wrote the rules-let me guess-Wane!!!.

  2. I think when he means bullying he means they run harder tackle hard and dominate play I don’t think Dennis ment anything wrong by what he’s said and if people think Wigan are a team of thugs you need to have a look around of teams mate there’s a lot worse than Wigan out there

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