Demetriou to wear number eight

Jason Demetriou will wear the Wakefield number eight shirt, in dedication to friend and his late team-mate, Adam Watene, who suddenly died earlier this year.nnThe influential captain asked coach John Kear to take the shirt as a mark of respect.nnCoach John Kear said: “Jason wanted to wear the number eight shirt next year which the club fully support. nn”We approached Adam’s family and they were more than happy for this to go ahead and we feel it’s a very fitting tribute as Jason was a very close family friend of Adam’s.”nnDemetriou told BBC Radio Leeds that he didn’t think Watene ‘would want’ the shirt to be retired.nn”There was talk of the shirt been rested, but I felt that was something Adam wouldn’t want.nn”I felt if I carried his number I’d have a part of him with me as well.” nnDemetriou added: “Adam was a guy who loved playing rugby and loved being out there with the boys. nn”So I decided if the number was going to be out there I’d be more than honoured to wear it.”nnThe other surprise change in the Wakefield squad list, is that Scott Grix – who had a good World Cup campaign – will take Demetriou’s vacant thirteen shirt. The club have also left four numbers vacant for future signings.nnKear concluded: “We feel Scott has fully earned the right to have the number 13 shirt for next season after becoming one of our established players and following on from the success he enjoyed last season.”nn[b]Full squad list[/b]n1. Matt Blaymire, 2. Damien Blanch, 3. Tony Martin, 4. Ryan Atkins, 5. Matt Petersen, 6. Jamie Rooney, 7. Danny Brough, 8. Jason Demetriou, 9. Brad Drew, 10. Danny Sculthorpe, 11. Steve Snitch, 12. Oliver Wilkes, 13. Scott Grix, 14. Sam Obst, 15. James Stosic, 16. Ricky Bibey, 17. Kevin Henderson, 19. Sean Gleeson, 20. Tevita Leo-Latu, 24. Dale Ferguson, 25. Richard Moore, 26. Luke George, 27. Aaron Murphy, 28. Kyle Bibb, 29. Jay Pitts, 30. Cain Southernwood.

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