Dave Furner ‘very disappointed’ with Leeds’ lack of resilience

Leeds coach Dave Furner was left frustrated with his side’s defence in their defeat to Wakefield.

The Rhinos lost 35-18 against Trinity in their first home game of the season on Friday night.

Furner’s side have now lost four of their first five games of the 2019 campaign.

“Our attention to detail and our resilience on our tryline was not good enough,” Furner said.

“They scored from their first visit to our tryline and that’s something we need to have a look at.

“We started well with the ball and there was a lot of energy in the team, but our resilience was poor and our decision making in defence wasn’t good enough.

“We will have to look back at the first half, I understand why Wakefield scored those tries but that first half performance was not us. Our tryline resilience was very disappointing.

“We need to fix up our tryline defence, we need to show resilience and we need to make the right decisions.”

Next up for the Rhinos is a trip to the KCOM Stadium next Friday as they face Hull FC, 7:45pm kick-off.

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