Daryl Clark happy to clinch top four spot

Warrington star Daryl Clark said the team are glad to have secured their place in the semi-finals with a win over Huddersfield.

The Wolves beat the Giants 26-24 at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Friday night to confirm their place in the semi-finals.

Clark is pleased have secured their spot in the top four with a scrappy win over fifth-placed Huddersfield.

He said: “It was a scrappy game but they still had a bit to play for. We knew we could secure the top four and we did, it was a scrappy game but we got the job done.

“Huddersfield had only lost one in their last seven games. They’ve been in really good form and we knew they were going to come here and try and turn us over and keep their season alive.

“Mathematically, they still had a chance so the game was massive for us and we knew in the back of our minds that if we won then we would secure the top four. That is probably why you seen a bit of scrappy football and nerves knocking about.

“Last week, we ran away with it and scored 80 points and although it’s good to win in that fashion, I think the game like today will do more for us because it was a tough game and to scrape a win is better in the long run than running away with it.”

Clark has only missed two games for the Wolves this season, but is still feeling fully fit.

He added: “I’m feeling pretty good.

“I only missed one game which was the one against Bradford in the Challenge Cup and then I was on the bench for the game against Catalans the one before the final and didn’t get on, so I’ve played in every game pretty much but I feel pretty good at the moment.”

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