Curran ready to meet Olympique’s Bradford challenge

Toulouse back rower Rhys Curran is hoping that his team can build on their win over Dewsbury last weekend, when they travel to Bradford on Sunday.

TO lost their last away trip, at Wakefield when they played Sheffield, but responded with the 56-2 thrashing of the Rams at home.

Now Curran knows that Olympique must transfer their home form to their away trips.

“We played well [against Dewsbury]. We evolved a style slightly different from our usual style, which was expected as Johno Ford was not there,” he said.

“We had to adapt a bit. But we did have a big game, especially in the middle where I found we were very good, because we were constantly dangerous.

“And we did not concede a try, which is something to be highlighted.

“It is good to see that the hard work in the week paying off for the team, because it is a collective effort to provide a good performance.”

Curran now wants Olympique to make sure that they win their away games, as the points could be crucial come the business end of the season.

“Of course, we have to win these away games,” he said.

“A new chance comes to us this weekend, we must seize it, even if it will not be easy.

“Bradford won their first game of the season last Sunday, and want to keep up the momentum.

Especially as, after the problems that the club experienced in the offseason, they have been penalised 12 points and have nothing to lose.

“They still have a competitive team, so we have to be ready for a big fight. The challenge will be met.”

Curran has scored three tries in three games so far in 2017, something he modestly puts down to good luck.

“Let’s say I’ve been pretty lucky until now, I’ve been in the right place at the right time somehow,” he smiled.

“I want to continue like this and play my best rugby, match after game.

“I am pleased to be able to take part in the success of the team.

I hope that we will continue like that, and that I will score some more tries this season.”

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