Cunningham not fazed by criticism

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham says he doesn’t read online criticism or social media and remains unconcerned about what is written about his team.

Cunningham has come under fire from several quarters this season. Saints sit in fifth spot and have been eliminated from the Challenge Cup.

“Expectations are really high at this club,” he said.

“When the season doesn’t go how you feel it should go, or how everybody feels it should go, then everybody’s going to write us off.

“A fair few people enjoy writing Saints off anyway, that’s just the way sport is in this country. As long as we don’t write ourselves off then we’ll be OK.

“The belief and the confidence that we have in the squad now is there to see in abundance. We’re desperate for another game now, we’re desperate to get out there and have a real good shot at this back end of the season.

Cunningham says he doesn’t use social media.

“I’m a little bit old school,” he said.

“I’ve never believed my own press, I’ve never believed anything from being a player.

“People write things about you when you’re doing well and people write things about when you’re doing bad, that’s just the way sport goes.

“As regards to social media, I’ve never been on it in my life. I wouldn’t know how to use it if I fell over it. What people say on there I haven’t got a clue.

“What I don’t know doesn’t really affect me. If I did know it, it still doesn’t affect me. We’ve got a path which we’ve got to take at this club.

“We’ve got a true direction which we’ve got to head in and I’m quite clear where that is. And a lot of the players are too.

“Whatever people write and say doesn’t affect what we do on the weekend.

“I’m sure if things turn around and we start doing well those people will be writing some better things about us.


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