Cunningham not crying over spilt milk

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham is hoping their luck will change after seeing his side concede try related penalties in successive weeks.

The latest, an eight-point try in Friday’s 24-14 defeat to Hull, sent Saints to their third successive defeat.

That came after the previous week saw a penalty conceded against Wakefield, both given by Phil Bentham.

He said: “Two weeks in a row we’ve got these against us off Phil, I think we have been a little bit unfortunate with certain calls, but you can’t cry over spilt milk.

“You’ve got to roll with the punches and ride them waves when you can.

“At the minute we’re just not getting many calls but it’ll turn around and even itself out through the year, it’s just unfortunate we’ve had a few back-to-back.

“They are tough calls for us to take but we’ll brush ourselves off and go again, and we’re going to keep competing hard and your luck does change.”

St Helens travel to Perpignan to face Catalans Dragons this weekend.


  1. Cunningham Never seem to want to take responsibility for the players He Coaches! and he does cry over spilt milk and Blame Everyone but Himself!

    Truth which KC many not be willing to accept is, was he given this opportunity to coach far too early in his career? did the Chairman not consider first that Not every player however good he may have been or not becomes a Top Coach, they have to learn their trade, but not in the job of a Top Super League Club! which supporters pay highly to watch. The way St Helens is playing is not how the team KC played in, the style is boring and seems to be based on forward all the time! Cunningham stated clearly that using Wilkin as a half back was PLAN Z, but then does the same thing last week? Also how many Top Experienced Coaches go into a after match Press Conference and criticise Young Players openly? sums him up, everyone is to blame himself.

  2. How can any coach be happy with a teams results,when they have lost 3 games from 4.It is about time Kieron bit the bullet and dropped Wilkin.The man is a predictable liability .He gets the ball near the line,and you know what is going to happen,he is going to kick.The last game he did the same thing,and Hull scored from it at the death,and the look on Kierons face said it all,but yet Kieron sticks by him.Walmsley was unlucky,he was committed to the tackle and was running through at speed,and could not pull out of it.

    • Watch the game again Jeff.. Wilkin was solid and had a decent game.. Funny how people like you are quick to pick on one error… If ou went the game you would have seen the look of dissapointment on wilkins face after he kicked the ball dead.. Hes being asked to play out of position by cunningham so give the guy a break.. If theres anyone who needs dropping its. Cunningham and you

      • I dont refer only to the last game.Every game he plays in is just the same.He gives more penalties away than any other player,he is over the hill.

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