Cunningham hails both sides after Saints’ late win

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham felt that Friday’s game against Warrington should really have ended in a draw.

He has insisted that the performance of both sides was so good, that sharing the honours would have been appropriate.

But he was also delighted with the spirit his side showed to seal a late win with a last-minute try from Jordan Turner.

“I said to Tony Smith after the game that it did deserve a draw, because both sides were great,” he said.

“Warrington are a side in form.

“The old Saints mentality is that you never give up, you never die, and they come back and they draw.

“In those situations we are good. We are good at turning up and we’re good at that ad-lib type of rugby.

“We’ve just got a knack of finishing games in style.”

Cunningham felt that his team had worked hard enough in the game to deserve a slice of good fortune at the end.

“I think we played well enough in a good local derby,” he added.

“You do make your own luck, and we’d been leading the game for large periods, so I definitely think we deserved it.”



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