Crusaders players angry at withdrawal

Many Crusaders players have vented their anger on Twitter at the club’s decision to withdrawl their Super League franchise bid for the next three years.

Players including Mark Bryant, Rhys Hanbury, Ben Flower, Jarrod Sammut, and newly signed for the 2012 season, Keith Senior, all made their feelings clear on the social network, some claiming that they didn’t even know until the announcement was made this morning.

Mark Bryant (@markbryant81) – “The owners did not even have the backbone to come and speak to the players about why they withdrew their application… #gutless”

Rhys Hanbury (@rhyshanbury) – “I was thinking it was a bit weird signing my 3 yr deal on toilet paper #rubbish”

Ben Flower (@bennyflower) – “Can not believe what’s happened to day. What a joke. No licence. No job. Need a club.”

Jarrod Sammut (@Jarrod_Sammut) – “Wots the sentence worth these days for murder?? The ppl runin this club hav hell to pay! So gutted for the loyal n faithful cru fans!b. Need a club.”

Keith Senior expressed his comments in a vocal way initially, although some tweets which were posted in the heat of the moment appear to have been removed.

Keith Senior (@KeithSenior4) – “Looks like I need to look for a job”

Players from other clubs have vocally expressed their opinion and shown their support for the Crusaders players, who ultimately are the ones that suffer from this decision.

Brett Hodgson (@BrettHodgson) – “Can’t believe players weren’t told of the application withdrawal..”

Shaun Lunt (@Shaun_Lunt) – “S**t news for the Crusaders boy.. Having there job taking away from them.. That’s why the league should of be expanded…! All the best lads”

Paul Wood (@PaulWood_Wolves) “Hope all the crusaders players manage to sort something out, feel for them, shouldn’t happen in professional sport”

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