Crusaders fans plan protest

Fans of Crusaders will be protesting against the possibility of the Rugby Football League condeming the team to Championship One next year.

It was confirmed this week the RFL were considering proposals from two bids, one with the backing from SavetheCru and the Supporters Club – and one from an unnamed consortium who have requested to keep their identities secret.

Fans have said they are concerned the RFL may “kick them while they’re down” – and dump the club down two divisions straight into Championship 1 – without giving them the opportunity to play in their rightful place.

Local fan Gareth Roberts said “To think the RFL may overlook our Championship application is shocking. The fans have pledged to buy more season tickets next year than ever before in the club’s history, lots of the commercial revenue is in place and everyone is behind this bid.

“If it’s ignored it will be the utlimate betrayal. As the governing body they are supposed to work on behalf of fans, not against their wishes.

“We don’t want Championship 1, we don’t want a club run by people who are in the shadows and we don’t want a club called anything but the Crusaders. Anything else is not acceptable and we would not attend the games.”

To make sure their voice is heard the fans are planning a protest at the Racecourse Ground this afternoon and the team mascot, Colyn the Crusader will chain himself to the ground until a successful bid for the Championship is accepted. A decision is expected by the Board of the RFL on Friday.

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