Cougar Jones hoping for 50 not out

If Danny Jones scores against Featherstone in the Championship this Sunday at Cougar Park it will be the 50th consecutive game he has scored in.

His scoring run stretches back to the last two games of the 2008 season. He was the only player in any of the divisions to score in all of his team’s matches throughout last season.

“It is something I think about as I go into a game.”

“There have been a few moments when I thought I might miss out on the run continuing, at the start of the season when we were due to play Barrow away I was injured so would have missed the game, luckily for me though the game was called off due to the snow and I was fit to play in the rescheduled match.”

Jones has already broken the record of consecutive games a Keighley Cougars player has scored in John Wasliw held the record at the Cougars with 46 consecutive games from February 1992 to September 1993.

Danny has also beaten Head Coach Barry Eaton who scored in 43 consecutive games for the Cougars.

“It’s nice to have a record that will go into the Keighley Cougars history book and that makes me a proud man.”

If the scrum half scores on Sunday he has promised to do a special celebration “I think if I do score I will do some sort of celebration, maybe a Saturday Night Fever Dance or Peter Crouch’s Robot.”

Danny still has a way to go though to beat the overall record which is 92 games and is held by David Watkins who played for Salford in the 1970’s,

“I’d love to hold the record for scoring in the most successive matches but 92 is a big achievement so I’ll have to just keep trying my best!”

With only six league matches to go Jones knows that good performances from the team are crucial, “We still believe we can stay up, if we can win 3 or 4 games then we have a really good chance and it’s not impossible, the lads won’t give up fighting.”

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