Clubs vote against dual-registration idea

The Kingstone Press National Conference League clubs have voted against a dual-registration style arrangement with the Championship sides for 2016. 

The meeting was held at Leigh Miners last week, and they discussed the idea of players not getting regular playing time to rejoin their amateur clubs on loan. 

The vote was a 27-20 against the idea, a huge reverse to the 26-20 email vote they had on the idea before Christmas.

The League President Pete Moran, expressed his disappointment at the decision and bemoaned the clubs views rather than looking at the broader picture. 

“We knew that a number of clubs were dead set against it and that it would be a struggle to push through,” Moran told The National Conference League’s official website. 

“So we were not surprised when there were insufficient clubs to make it part of the Competition rules. Unfortunately too many clubs voted on what they considered the immediate impact upon their own chances of winning and losing, and whether it would give an advantage to their rivals, rather than looking at the broader picture of getting more youngsters actually playing the game at weekends.”

Moran then said that they will now have to come up with alternative ideas to ensure that the problem gets resolved. 

“Now we have to look at a different way, either of making them understand what is proposed and why it is important,” he said.

“Or by putting a completely new set of eyes on the problem to see if they can come up with a solution that the clubs will find acceptable.”

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