Clubs could suffer as Elonex deal collapses

Clubs could be left out of pocket by the news that the RFL’s sponsorship deal with Elonex has been terminated.

Elonex, who have provided digital signage at Super League games this season, signed a multi-million pound deal in November for five seasons, which also included other showcase events such as Challenge Cup Final.

But it was reported yesterday that clubs had been informed to remove all electronic advertising boards, and that the deal would be coming to an end.

An Elonex statement read: “Both Elonex and the RFL Super League have been considering the termination of an agreement entered into in November 2011. Following an outline of breaches presented by both organisations the RFL found it prudent to terminate the agreement, on Tuesday 19th June, 2012.

“Currently, Elonex, the governing body of the Stobart Super League (SLE) and the Rugby Football League (RFL) are undergoing legal discussions.

“Elonex’s primary aim was and still is to supply a consistent offering of LED advertising across the SLE to enhance the sport.”

It is believed several clubs are still owed tens of thousands of pounds as a result.

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