Clubs benefit from RFL support

Youth and Junior Rugby League clubs across the country have benefited from an investment of over £60,000 which the RFL Community Board has made to subsidise insurance premiums in 2010.

Every Youth and Junior club in the country has benefited from this investment which meant that personal accident and death by natural causes insurance was discounted depending on the status of the club.

Community Board Chair, Richard Lewis said: “Paying the annual insurance can be very expensive for community Rugby League teams.

“The Community Board were therefore delighted to be able to make this investment which provides a major financial boost to clubs in a difficult economic climate.”

Clubs which have been accredited Clubmark Gold status have benefitted from a 90 per cent discount on insurance whilst Clubmark clubs have benefitted from a 70 per cent discount.

Clubs that have signed up to the RFL Partnership agreement have received a discount of 50 per cent and all other clubs have saved 30 per cent.

Richard Thorpe, Oulton Raiders ARLFC Treasurer said: “Running an Amateur Rugby League club takes teamwork and no small amount of funding.

“As a Clubmark Gold club our working relationship with the RFL is proving to be a real win-win situation for us.

“The subsidising of our Players insurance to the tune of just over £1000 is a fabulous example of the support we receive.

At a time when fundraising is especially hard, that saving is money we can now use to support  our kids and keep them enjoying ‘the greatest game of all’, thanks RFL”

Martin Eden, Thatto Heath ARLFC Secretary said: “As a club we’ve managed to make a saving of £792 on our insurance thanks to the RFL’s Community Board.

“We’re unfortunately in a period of financial uncertainty and this generous offer has come at the perfect time for us.”

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