Club Profile: South Humber Rabbitohs

Last Tackle is delighted to be involved with your two clubs and this game, how have your club been preparing for the encounter?

Firstly thank you to for covering this game, giving excellent coverage to teams such as ourselves and the Storm. Our preparations could have been better, as we rely on our union players from Grimsby/Cleethorpes, but as from last week we started training and over the next 4 weeks hope to develop a style of rugby that isn’t the norm in league.

Is the “national” tag something which excites you and your players

Yeah of course, to be apart of this challenge is very exciting, something we hadn’t envisaged this time last year, with it being our first year in existence. But with the enthusiasm here at the Rabbitohs  with staff and players alike, it has been an amazing start. So to be able to compete for a national trophy in our first year is a great feat, which can only excite our club members.

Does the trophy provide an extra incentive for your club to win this match?

Without doubt it’s a honour to represent the Midland Merit League and to have the chance to win some silverware would be great not only for the club but also great for the Midlands area, at this point here at the Rabbitohs we would like to thank Tim Fellows for all the hard work he has done for the Midland area of rugby league.
Could you perhaps give a little more information about how your club was founded?

The club was founded in 2006 by Nathan Price-Saleh, a Welsh dual-code rugby player playing for Grimsby RUFC. Despite being just across the River Humber from the rugby league stronghold of Hull, there is no record of a club ever playing in the area. Therefore the game between the Rabbitohs and East Riding in the MML on the 13th May 2006 can be considered to be the first competitive game of rugby league in North-East Lincolnshire.

The club takes its name, and its colours, from the Australian club South Sydney Rabbitohs. Although the "Rabbitoh" is a part of Sydney's history , Lincolnshire is an agricultural county and rabbit poaching is part of its long tradition.  In deference to the county colours, the club strip includes a small amount of blue in addition to the green and red.

The club is closely linked with Grimsby RUFC, with players also coming from nearby Cleethorpes.

In what competitions does your club compete?

We competed in the Midland merit league in 2006 and this year hope to field 2 sides one in the Lincs/Yorks regional league and a second string in the midland merit league.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

This year we would like to consolidate our position and be competitive for our more established rivals in the summer conference while we hope to defend our midland merit league title.
What are the long term goals of the club?

To establish ourselves in the summer conference and raise the profile of league on the south side of the Humber our aim is to field 2 teams and get a youth set up and running within 3 years.
Are you hoping that your club will perhaps be a key player in establishing the sport in your area?

Yes I would like to think so, We have gone from no teams in the South Humberside area last year to 3 in the last year, With the right marketing and public relations I’d like to think we are now set up as a team to watch in the future. 

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