Clarke: Let’s get rid of the salary cap

Phil Clarke believes it is time to get rid of the salary cap in Super League following Salford’s breach.

Writing for the Sky Sports website, Clarke says the salary cap “sounds great on paper” but the RFL is unable to monitor and enforce it properly and therefore it should be scrapped.

“It appears to me that we have already broken our own rules on the salary cap by going to Sport Resolutions in Manchester,” he writes.

“Salford’s breach took place in July 2014 – two years ago! If this is a live system that we are operating, I wouldn’t want to see a dead one.

“Salford claim to have evidence that proves they did not break the rules, but admitted on TV last week to not declaring some payments, which I thought was breaking the rules.

“It is totally possible that there has been human error on both sides. I know that mistakes can happen in the RFL finance department just as they may have done at Salford.

“As a neutral observer who hasn’t seen the evidence, I would say it just looks embarrassing for the sport.

“We do not appear capable of monitoring the cap so I would vote to get rid of it – it is time to scrap the salary cap.”

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