Chris Houston could receive two-match ban

Widnes Vikings back-rower Chris Houston has been handed a two-match penalty notice for Grade C reckless physical contact with referee Phil Bentham.

The action has been taken following a review of the round three Betfred Super League fixtures.

Houston collided with match official Phil Bentham during their derby clash with Warrington Wolves on Friday.

Due to Houston’s relevant record (no offences in the last 24 months), he received a penalty at the lower end of the spectrum.

Houston has until 11am on Tuesday to challenge the penalty notice given to him by the match review panel.

What did you think of the collision? Does it deserve a ban? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Imo he was careless.running for 12 yards just looking in the air and not where he was going is always gunna end in have a duty of care to others around you.and it’s the 2nd time he has done was unlucky but careless.

  2. You have to ask why his eyes were (apparently) “fixed” on the ball. He was far to far away to be in a position to catch it and probably should have been looking around at everyone else’s position in order to react to what followed the ball being caught (or attempted to be caught). Definitley careless with a suspicion of deliberate (imho).

  3. Referee Bentham moves across on the line Chris Houston is running and Houston does not take his eyes off the ball therefore no further action is required, unless you want to sin bin the referee for obstruction

  4. Appalling To Ban Him . Typical of the Rugby League with Chris Houston playing for Widnes . If He was at a Supposed Top Super League Club nothing would have been said about the Collision

  5. Crazy ban he had nothing in the world to gain by knocking the ref over!! Total joke . Some very strange decisions in that match!! Non stranger than this one!!

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