Chris Hill nearly gave up on full time rugby league

Warrington Wolves forward Chris Hill revealed how he nearly gave up on playing full time rugby league.

Hill, who was named in the 2012 Super League Dream Team, says he was coming up to a crossroads in his life and was considering to make getting a permanent job his priority during his time at Leigh Centurions.

However Warrington coach Tony Smith saw the potential in Hill as a Super League player, and Hill took that opportunity to play top flight rugby league with the Wolves.

Hill said: “I was going to give it another year at Leigh before getting a proper full time job and prioritise that a bit more. Then this came along with Warrington, and it is a bit of a dream at the minute.

“It was one of them where you either took your chance and do it, or you were one of those who said what could have been. But I wanted to be the person who gave it a go, and if it didn’t come off then it didn’t come off.”

Hill says his first full season with the Wolves has been a fairytale, and he couldn’t have imagined being praised by his team mates who he looked up to as a part time player.

He said: “If I wrote the script myself it wouldn’t be as good as this. It has been a good year, but now I want to be at Old Trafford in a few weeks touching that Super League trophy.

“I thought this year would be more of a learning curve and I would learn off Adrian Morley, Ben Westwood etcetera, who have all been outstanding this year and made my job a bit easier to get me where I am now.

“I used to watch Morley when I was young, I was the person who always looked up to him and to play alongside him now inspires me every week.”

The potential in Hill was not lost on Smith, who praised the forward for his consistent performances, but admitted he was surprised at the progress he has made this season.

Smith said: “He has been consistent and showed what a good player he is. He came into the season really well prepared and he has done a great apprentice in the Championship.

“He is coachable and does things very professional. He is ambitious as well, and has a lot of ingredients there that make him a very good player and I’m sure that he is going to back it up next season.

“Ian Millward tipped me off to recognise him as a talent at Leigh, and it didn’t take me long to realise he was more than ready for Super League and he has proven that.”

Being named in the 2012 Super League Dream Team caps off a wonderful few days for Hill, who was awarded the Players Player of the Year, Vice Presidents Award and Player of the Year at the Wolves awards night last week.

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