Chris Chester: I think the game is in a mess

Wakefield coach Chris Chester says rugby league is “in a mess” and he fears for the game’s future.

Chester, one of Super League’s longest-serving coaches who sits on the Rugby Football League’s rules committee, launched his criticism after seeing two of his players, Ryan Hampshire and Joe Arundel, banned for Friday’s re-arranged game against Salford.

His comments echo the sentiments of Trinity chief executive Michael Carter, who issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the RFL’s match review panel for bringing “random charges” against Hampshire, Arundel and St Helens forward Sione Mata’utia for foul play during last Friday’s game at Belle Vue.

Mata’utia will miss Saturday’s Challenge Cup final at Wembley as a result of his suspension.

Carter said: “At a time where we are all struggling to fulfil matches through various factors, to lose two players to these ‘offences’ just takes the biscuit. There is no accountability at all within this process.”

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Wakefield appealed against Hampshire’s ban but the charge was upheld by an independent tribunal.

“We thought we had a real strong case but you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent,” Chester said. “That’s just how it is.

“At a time when teams are struggling to get players out on the pitch, I think the game is in a mess at this moment in time.

“We’ve not heard from the CEO or the chairman of Super League about what’s gone on over the last three or four weeks and it’s just not acceptable.

“I’ve said it before, I really fear for the game moving forward. I think there is a distinct lack of leadership.”

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On top of injuries to 11 players and the loss of hooker Kyle Wood to Covid-19, Chester says he will use academy youngsters to help him field a team for one of three re-arranged fixtures on Friday.

“It’s hard work even for a team like us who have got a squad of 31 players,” he said.

“We’ve got an academy and we’re not one of those clubs who are going to protect egos. We’ll put out a team that’s going to be competitive.

“We’ll play some young kids and it’s a great opportunity for them. We’re going there to win and we’ll use the motivation over the last few weeks.”


  1. I agree with coach Chester.
    As a fan & an ex-player. I can not see any vision or strategy for developing or marketing the game. There doesn’t seem to be any unification to the games pyramid, it just looks fractured & run be a few elite amateurs with only there own financial self interest.

  2. Totally agree guys, as I said in one of my previous rants, sorry posts, the failure of the game lies solely with the hierarchy of super league and the RFL who clearly are constantly having penis measuring contests, the great game that I love is very quickly becoming an endangered species, get rid of the lot of em and bring in someone who actually knows and cares 1 about the game and 2 about its future not just how quickly they can become rich…..

  3. something is wrong here, the many long injuries suggests the game has become too fast and brutal. things need to change.

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