Chester wants to improve Lunt’s kicking game

Hull KR coach Chris Chester wants to see a better kicking game from hooker Shaun Lunt in 2016.

The former Huddersfield dummy half inked a four-year deal with Rovers in 2015, and Chester feels the responsibility of improving the player lies with him.

“We know we’ve got a good player on our hands in Shaun, but he’s got some improvements with his kicking game and it’s my job to find those improvements,” Chester told the Hull Daily Mail.

“He obviously had his issues with his back last season but when he came back he scored some very important tries for the club, including the semi-final and at Leigh, and we hope for even more next season.

“He’s looking at moving over and we’ve got a very good player on our hands.

“Shaun came mid-way through the season but it’s important that we kept him. He made a big difference when he came to the club.”

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