Chase wants to fall in love with league again at Leigh

Rangi Chase has stated that one of his main reasons for wanting to join Leigh is that he wants to fall in love with rugby league again, and the Centurions seem like the right club at which to do it.

Chase has inked a two-year deal at Leigh, with the option of a third should things go well.

After a somewhat troubled period in his career, he is relishing the chance to find some fun in his work again.

“The main reason is just to enjoy my rugby again, and to fall in love with the place, and fall in love with the game again,” he said.

“I haven’t really enjoyed what I’ve been doing.

“I grew up wanting to play rugby league as a kid, professionally, and the last couple of years I just haven’t been enjoying it.

“I’ve been thinking about quitting.

“They way they [Leigh] are, the way the club’s run, the way the crowd gets behind their team, and the way the club has treated me in the last couple of weeks has made me feel like I want to be here, and made me feel important.

“That means a lot.

“And the way they play, they enjoy it.”

Chase admitted that, was he qualified to do any other job, he would probably have walked away from the game in recent times.

“I know what I can do on the field, and I do it better when I’m enjoying my rugby league,” he added.

“If I had any qualifications of some sort, I probably would have left the game.

“But I couldn’t, because I’ve got two young kids to feed.

“I’ve got to keep doing what I’m good at, and that’s playing rugby league.

“The main thing is for me to enjoy it. It’s just been a job to me the last couple of years.

“I’ve not been loving it.”

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