Championship fixture should be added to Magic Weekend

Sheffield Eagles utility forward Alex Szostak is sure that Magic Weekend could benefit from having a Championship fixture incorporated into the event.

The Scotland international turned in a solid performance as the Eagles beat Halifax 31-18 at Bramall Lane on Friday evening, and he thinks the intensity on show would have been a treat for fans at the Etihad Stadium.

“Definitely, you’ve got to look at some of the competition between us and the likes of Featherstone and Halifax, Leigh. All those sides have got some history, and there’s passion in there,” he told Love Rugby League.

“Especially with the fans as well. And I’m sure they’d be keen to get down there and support their teams on a weekend.

“And the rugby’s there, it’s definitely of the calibre that they’d be looking for, and definitely the competition that they’re looking for.”

Szostak, meanwhile, is sure that he and his colleagues will be able to raise themselves for a tough looking trip to Hunslet in midweek.

“We know as a club what our targets are for the season, and the motivation is there,” he asserted.

“We get together as a group of lads every week and discuss what we want from a game, and what we expect from a game.

“As a group we’re very committed and very motivated this season to back up last season. To try and prove that we are the side we can be.

“We’re really looking forward to the second half of the season.

“We’re very composed this season. We know what we’re doing and everyone is working hand in hand to achieve it.

“The players that are there have had that experience together now. We know what’s coming off the halfbacks, we know what’s coming off the forwards. We know what to expect, so you can play a much more fluid game of rugby.”

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