Cavs travel to Halifax for charity match

The Oxford Cavaliers travel to Halifax next weekend the 17th March for a pre-season friendly against the Halifax Barmy Army. The game has added importance as is being used as a fund raisng event for Cancer Reasearch.

The game has already gained massive attention in Halifax with over 200 tickets already being sold for the game and a crowd of 500 people expected on the day. Support for the Cavaliers will be large with the Cavaliers Northern Supporters Club coming to watch the game and adding to the atmosphere.

Mark "Bulldog" Shaw of the Cavaliers and Rob Bell of the Barmy met up at the weekend to discuse the fixture. Both players are veterns for their respective clubs.

Mark the younger said "The game offers a great chance for the clubs to build a realationship with each other. The game will be competative but light hearted affair with the main winner being Charity."

Rob agreed with Mark and added "If somebody sticks a pint on the try line, I will be first there ball or not."

Mark replied " I just need a meat pie."

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