Catalans owner Bernard Guasch banned after “making physical contact” with referee

Catalans owner Bernard Guasch at Nou Camp

Catalans have confirmed that owner Bernard Guasch has been banned from attending any matches involving the club for four weeks.

He breached the RFL’s Operational Rules following their game against Huddersfield on June 3.

The incident involved Guasch using offensive language and questioning the integrity of a match official, and making physical contact.

It follows a fine of £10,000, of which £2,500 was suspended, for his comments about match officials after the Dragons’ Grand Final defeat to St Helens.

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Well below acceptable standards

Guasch has already sat out two Dragons matches; so his ban will expire following the home game against Warrington on July 10.

An RFL statement said: “This type of behaviour has no place in the sport of Rugby League. Pursuant to the RFL’s Respect Policy, Rugby League prides itself on being a family game which is inclusive, uncompromising and passionate, and the principles of ‘Respect’ set out the obligations on all participants to maintain the game’s high standard.

“Mr Guasch’s actions clearly fall well below acceptable standards in respect of adherence with the Respect Policy. Furthermore, this is Mr Guasch’s second incident of matters involving Match Officials in 12 months.”

Guasch was also fined £10,000, of which £5,000 has been suspended until the end of the 2023 season and will be activated if found guilty of any further offence.

The previously suspended £2,500 fine from the Grand Final incident is also now payable.

A Dragons spokesperson added: “M. Guasch has accepted his responsibility in this matter, and has put in place a plan that will ensure the Match Officials are safe and not approached in such a manner by anyone, especially Directors whilst at the Catalans Dragons stadium in future.”

Catalans lost the match against Huddersfield 22-14, having trailed 18-2 at half-time. The referee for the match was Chris Kendall.

The Dragons had a late try by Matthieu Laguerre disallowed, which Dragons coach Steve McNamara called a “poor decision”.

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  1. I sympathise with him. It must be terribly frustrating to see biased refereeing match after match, season after season. I am an Englishman brought up on fair play and integrity. I wish our referees thought the same.

    • Just because a referee has a poor game doesn’t mean he/she is biased. They might simply be making incorrect decisions which at the time they genuinely thought were the right ones. I’ll be in Newcastle for the weekend and my team, Widnes, will once again not be involved. But one thing I always notice as a neutral at the Magic Weekend is that for the most part, all the referees have good games!

    • Totally agree Philip, I am English but lived in Perpignan for a few years, and they had some tough decisions against them.

  2. Why is it that M. Guasch & McNamara feel they have the god given right to question the smallest of things that go against their team . Maybe they feel just like the sky presenters they have to be in the final of every competition so the clowns at red Hall are justified. Let them form their own French super league & then we can bring in fev & leigh into super league , maybe those fans would bring more revenue aswel.

  3. The club should not be in Super League, they over step the physical side, Tompkins questions decisions all the time, they bring nothing to Super League

  4. Why is it game after game saints get away with murder as other teams gets bans yet they appeal and get it overturned still waiting for lees to be charged for elbowing fash but as always no charge to answer then some one frim another team high tackle between 2- 5 games banned so get it sorted out RLF

    • Well Geoff again we see as you state saints player gets away with something yet again , does Sione Mata’utia play for someone else ? He’s been banned a few times this season . Also saw more Newcastle thunder supporters , more leigh fans & more fever fans , this weekend than catalans Ha Ha 😉

  5. Agree with Kate, cut the French free & concentrate on home grown clubs. Leigh & Fev for SL, Cats & Toul form their own league and learn how to behave & not moan because someone disagrees with you. I thought Brexit was a done deal. The SL & RFL need to wake up and smell the coffee. Attendances down in SL, why, no travelling fans from France. It’s so easy for common sense people to see but Sky run RL in England so the puppets at the RFL & SL are just idiots.

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