Catalans chairman Guasch: Enough is enough!

Catalans Dragons chairman Bernard Guasch has issued a strongly worded statement attacking the standard of Super League match officials.

The angry words come in the wake of the Dragon’s 12=14 home defeat to the Huddersfield Giants on Saturday.

Guasch belives that his team were the victim of crucial mistakes made by the match officals.

“Enough is enough!” he said.

“We have had another two points taken away from us today because of the scandalous and dishonest decisions of the referees.

“I would like someone to explain to me how the second try for Huddersfield was awarded by professional referees given how far forward the ball travelled.

“It is the third game where we have been clearly robbed of a win after the home game against Salford in March and the Magic Weekend fixture against Huddersfield.

“In total, there are four points less for us in the Super League table.”

Guasch also insisted that he would be seeking a full explanation for events from Nigel Wood, Super League‘s chief executive.

“Today, I would like to know the intentions of the governing body of the Super League in regards to the Catalans Dragons,” he added.

“It is my intention to speak to Nigel Wood, the CEO of the Super League, for his explanation.

“I’m extremely disappointed today to see a magnificent competition like Super League discredited by the officials.

“Our supporters are just as angry as I am with this situation and it worries me that our attendances will decrease over the coming months because of this.

“I am really sickened by this situation.”

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