Catalans chairman gets behind Toulouse’s bid for Super League

Catalans chairman Bernard Guasch believes “the time has come” for Toulouse to enter the Super League.

Toulouse have launched a bid to enter Super League for 2021 after Canadian club Toronto Wolfpack had their bid to be re-admitted into the top flight rejected.

Toulouse would become the second French club in Super League if their bid was successful – and Dragons chairman Guasch believes it needs to happen.

Guasch said: “Dear friends from Toulouse, the time has come. Next year is the moment, you have to be with us in Super League.

“I have always supported this Super League project, first with Carlos Zalduendo and now with Bernard Sarrazain.

“With the Dragons, I have always supported that Toulouse has to be the second French club in Super League. The time has come. It’s time to reward the great job done by head coach Sylvain Houles.

“For years, they have always been in the top places in a really tough competition in the Championship. Toulouse is the fourth biggest French city, with big facilities like the famous Ernest Wallon Stadium.

“Dear English friends, please take time to consider Toulouse’s application. Imagine two French derbies in Ernest Wallon and Gilbert Brutus!

“It can be the renewal of the French rugby league and the French national team.

“Rugby league will grow up. We need Toulouse in Super League. Take this application in consideration.”

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  1. This should happen , they have never qualified to get to the championship final we’re as featherstone have and London got relegated to all Toronto into super league . Should be a one of play off final featherstone v London winner gets 12 th spot , none of this Halifax Bradford Toulouse trying to sneak in via the back their not good enough as the table position showed last year . Hell im a widnes and I don’t want my club to bid for super league because quite simply I don’t. Think we are financially secure enough yet and need players capable of playing at that level to avoid relegation . I’m still unhappy with going bust the last time after the O’Connor and Rules saga. Rather build at a team at a slower pace and survive and build for better things in the future, Toronto has just shown everybody you can’t buy success but you can kill off your club very very easily

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