Catalan Dragons 2012 season preview

Many outsiders expected nothing from Catalan after their abysmal 2010 season. They had performed inconsistently and the arrival of unknown coach Trent Robinson didn’t excite supporters and outsiders alike. 

Catalan proved they had the players to possess a challenge for the higher clubs in Super League, but had failed to show it on a regular basis. However Robinson set up an environment that proved to be popular between the playing staff. As a bilingual he could communicate between every player in English and French, and persuaded the English speaking players to learn French and communicate with their international team mates. 

But despite getting off to a poor start early in the season, Catalan went onto win back-to-back matches against Warrington and Wigan. This was the start of a seven match unbeaten run which included a win over high flying Huddersfield. 

But the Dragons have brought only players for the upcoming season, but Leon Pryce and Louis Anderson are not your average run of the mill type players. In comparison to other sides, they are two major coups that can really assist the Dragons as they aim for their first Grand Final, a goal that could become a reality. 

Key man: Scott Dureau

Scott Dureau made his name in 2011 with a handful of fine performances against top opposition. He threatened opponent’s defensive lines every time he touched the ball and was influential to the Dragons side. Catalan showed they had a half back just as good, if not better, than Thomas Bosc who had previously influentially led the side to play off and Challenge Cup final berths.

One-to-watch:  Eloi Pelissier

Eloi Pellissier is a hard working Frenchman who has a bright future ahead of him. He made his debut for the Dragons at home to Wakefield, and went onto make all but one appearance off the bench. However his impact as an interchange player helped the Dragons go onto achieve a great run of results. He scored two tries all year, but played the majority of his games as a prop forward earning the hard yardsfor the Dragons when they were up against the momentum of play.

Transfers In: Louis Anderson (Warrington), Leon Pryce (St Helens), Julien Bousquet (FC Lezignan)

Transfers Out: Ben Farrah (Manly)

Predictions: Expect an excellent season from the French side, and for them to push the top teams all they way, 5th.

Super League Grand Final Odds: 20/1 (7th favourites)

League Leaders Odds: 25/1 (7th)

Challenge Cup Odds: 20/1 (7th)

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Squad: Clint Greenshields, Damien Blanch, Leon Pryce, Setaimata Sa, Cyril Stacul, Thomas Bosc, Scott Dureau, David Ferriol, Ian Henderson, Rémi Casty, Steve Menzies, Louis Anderson, Greg Mounis, Sébastien Raguin, Jean-Philippe Baile, Eloi Pelissier, Cyrille Gossard, Daryl Millard, Frédéric Vaccari, Mickael Simon, Julian Bousquet, Jamal Fakir, Lopini Paea, Jason Baitieri, Vincent Duport.

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