Castleford left stunned by hefty fine

Castleford have been left stunned by the £40,000 fine handed down to them for homophobic chants during a home game with Crusaders earlier this season.

In a statement, the club said: The Club is very disappointed with the outcome of the Hearing and is likely to appeal. The Club has fifteen days to appeal and a meeting with legal advisors is planned for later this week. 

Richard Wright, Chief Executive commented: “To say we are disappointed and shocked is an understatement.  

“The evidence does not support the decision and does not in any way support the scale of the penalty. We totally refute the outcome of the Hearing.”    

Rod Findlay, a partner at sports law specialist firm, McDaniel & Co, who has been advising the Club during the proceedings stated: “There was some chanting on the day, we agreed this with the Tribunal panel, there were three incidents lasting only a few moments, two of which were drowned out by public address announcements.  

The Club condemns any person who makes or chants obscene remarks towards players or officials. But the charges against the Club are not that there was chanting, they are that the Club failed to take its’ best endeavours to prevent or stop any chanting. This the Club refutes totally. The Club has a well-established system for dealing with chanting and could not have done any more on the day. 

“This season the Club has been one of the most pro-active in Super League when it comes to promoting a family friendly environment at the stadium, working hard all season to create an atmosphere within the stadium that is inclusive for all sections of the community.”

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