Cas and Wakey ground share a possibility

Castleford have welcomed the suggestion of Wakefield Council to investigate the potential of a ground-share with Super League rivals Wakefield.

Both sides have stadium development plans in place, but due to funding issues at the council since the election, they have commissioned an independent feasibility study to analyse the two separate sites at Junction 30 and 32 of the M62 motorway, and decide upon the best location for a possible shared stadium.

Speaking on the feasibility study, the Head of Wakefield Council, Peter Box, explained: “In the circumstances in which we now find ourselves – losing £70m from our schools building programme, losing more millions from highways – the business case for one single stadium is overwhelming.

“We agreed last year to support each club by giving them land to the value of £2m, dependent on them producing a financial plan for the stadia. This offer runs out in September and the Council’s new financial position now means that, unless there is agreement on a single stadium, Cabinet could not recommend to Council that this financial offer is renewed.

“Both clubs acknowledge that there is a real need for urgency especially with the next round of Super League franchises coming up in 2011.

“However, we do not accept there is any need for the clubs to merge and indeed will seek assurances from the Rugby Football League that they would not seek a merger.  We have suggested an independent assessment of both proposed sites to determine which one is deliverable in the timescale and is the most financially viable.

“I believe that both clubs can share a ground without losing their own very clear identities and that this district can continue with two of its clubs in top-level Rugby League.”

“If AC Milan and Inter Milan can share the San Siro Stadium, I can see no reason why this cannot happen in this district. It has to be the sensible and viable way forward.”

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