Carney agrees to Raiders proposal

Canberra Raiders have announced today that Todd Carney has accepted the clubs proposal for him to remain at the club, and will now begin taking the necessary steps towards returning to football.

Raider’s General Manager Don Furner said yesterday’s meeting with Carney, his mother and Manager David Riolo was a success, and all parties were happy to accept the clubs proposal for rehabilitation once a few details were cleared up.

“It requires a bit of admin work from our side in regards to whom he will be working with and when he’ll start training, and a few other goals he has to reach, but he said he wants to stay here and he’ll work towards that and he’ll be assessed week to week,” Furner said. “A couple of our sponsors have come on board and will allow him to work through the day which will let him train at night with Premier League.”

Furner said the club would not put a specific frame on a possible return to the park for Carney, and Carney had acknowledged this during the meeting.

“Obviously he’s keen on getting back on the field as soon as he can and the players are keen to have him as well,” he said. “But he realises there is a process, and he will constantly be assessed by management and the Coaching staff.”

Furner said the response from the rest of the playing group had been positive, and they are aware that Carney’s return is a process.

“I have no doubt that the players would love to have him back on the field next week and we have explained to them why we have had to do it this way and they will have to accept that.”

Furner said the club would not divulge the particulars involved within Carney’s rehabilitation program, but said Carney was willing to make the necessary changes.

“At the end of the day there are quite a few hoops there,” he said. “They’re not insurmountable but he has indicated to us that he wants to make the change. It’s a five stage program and he has passed the first stage by accepting the program, but there are a few more stages to go.”                                                     

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