Captain’s challenge rule introduced for 2020 NRL season

The captain’s challenge rule has been implemented for the 2020 NRL campaign.

The format was trialled during the All Stars and pre-season games and it will be retained throughout the NRL season.

How does it work?

  • Only a captain or nominated co-captain can challenge a decision. Should the captain or co-captain be off the field, another player can be nominated to take his place.
  • Each team is allowed one unsuccessful challenge per game.
  • The only decision that can be challenged are ones which involve a structured restart of play (e.g penalty, scrum, drop-out, etc).
  • Challenges will not be permitted where the referee allows play to proceed.

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  1. Let the players, coaches and especially the fans control the games. After every passage of play have a SMS vote of the tv audience and see if everything is OK (bet it isn’t). Then carryon. Don’t forget to stop the clock for checks and votes.

  2. Can a captain challenge a try/no try decision due to a forward/not forward pass decision? We have all seen teams winning or losing due to non calls by the refs in regards to forward passes. Imagine a grand final being decided by a blatant forward pass that every man and his dog (except the touch judge)could see.

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