Candid Kear points finger


Wakefield coach John Kear said it was not just his players who needed to question their performance following his side’s 23-10 defeat to Crusaders.

A visibly disapponted Kear said he was “very annoyed” and appeared to lay the blame on the officials. The match referee was Phil Bentham.

“We lost. I can expand but I don’t want to because I’m irritated by a number of factors and those factors I’d rather keep to myself,” he said.

“When you get a weight of possession against you as we had, the momentum changes and the momentum changes didn’t reflect from play which is the most annoying thing.

“I’m sure the score wasn’t a fair indication of the game. I’m positive of that and I’m very annoyed and it isn’t just the players that want to look at their own performance.

“If the Crusaders felt they were hard done by last week, well they certainly haven’t been hard done by this week, believe you me. 

“We’ve picked up a number of injuries and it obviously affected us. We had two second rowers in the centres as the half wore on which may well have affected the flow of the game but that’s not an excuse. All we want is a fair crack.”

Wakefield had led 10-0 at the break but Crusaders scored 23 unanswered points after the restart to claim the win.


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