Canada’s international schedule announced

Canada Wolverines have announced their international schedule for the rest of 2016. 

The CRLA have revealed that Canada will play seven fixtures throughout the rest of this year, the most in the country’s rugby league history.

Four of the games will be played at Lampart Stadium in Toronto and the Wolverines are now certain of three games a season after making the New America’s Cup tournament, which could be pushed to four games with Canada Wolverines in the Ohana Cup festival in Hawaii. 

“This is a one off situation that was caused by circumstances completely out of both the promoters and our control,” Paul O’Keefe, the CRLA President, said. 

“The change of dates of the Hawaii event was not ideal cor us but when someone offers your Nation the opportunity to play against Fiji and being able to participate in such a great event, a solution needed to be found!

“The only other option would be to pull out of one of these games and when your a young Rugby League Nation you need to accept opportunities for games especially after working so hard to bring touring teams to Canada. 

“I genuinely think our players are good enough and if they play to their full potential they can step up to take on this challenge and win both these games!

“Whatever the results, our players will come away with valuable experience! It also means we can offer opportunities to more of our players to see who is up to playing at this high level.”

The full season schedule is; 

July 16th vs Jamaica at Pennsylvania, USA – 3pm kick off

August 20th vs England Lionhearts at Lamport Stadium, Toronto 7pm

August 20th vs Fiji at Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii 6:30pm

September 3rd vs England Young Lions at Lamport Stadium, 7pm

September 24th vs USA Hawks at Lamport Stadium, 7pm (Presentation of America’s Cup)

October 1st vs USA Hawks at TBA in USA (Presentation of Colonial Cup)

October 15th vs South Wales Scorpions at Lamport Stadium, 7pm.

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