Campese apologises for pub incident

Canberra officials say they will take no further action against five-eighth Terry Campese after his arrest and fine for failing to leave a licensed premises.

Campese was amongst a group of men asked to leave the Queanbeyan Hotel at around 11pm last Friday

But the New South Wales Origin man refused and was subsequently arrested by Police.

He was later fined $550 but Raiders officials say they see no need to take any further action aftter Campese extended an apology to the publican involved and the police.

Raiders CEO Don Furner said Campese’s actions had brought the clubs name into disrepute but said the fine from Police was a sufficient penalty for the incident.
“Obviously we’re disappointed in Terry’s actions in failing to move on when told by Police and he realises he was in the wrong,” Furner said. “Terry has apologised to the Police and the Publican at Walsh’s Hotel in Queanbeyan and we believe the fine and his public embarrassment is punishment enough for the incident.”
Campese said he should not have reacted the way he did on the night and said he deeply apologises to everyone who was involved.
“I should have moved on when the Police told me too and I apologise to them and to the hotel for my actions,” Campese said. “I understand that I have a responsibility to behave appropriately when in public and I apologise for my behaviour on Friday.”

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