Cameron Smith: NRL should introduce cap relief for experienced one-club players

Cameron Smith thinks the NRL should consider bringing in a salary cap exemption for ‘one-club, 300-gamers’ to encourage loyalty.

The former Australia and Queensland representative is one of just 15 players in the NRL’s history to make over 300 appearances in the same cub colours.

Current NRL rules provide for a $200,00 0 veteran and developed players allowance per club, which breaks down to just 2.2% of each club’s $9.1 million salary cap.

“To see one club players, to see 300-gamers, it’s great for our fans,” Smith told

“It’s great for our clubs, it’s great for the game. Why not reward those organisations that can achieve that with certain players?

“It would have to be a percentage wouldn’t it? Is it 50%, is it 75%?

“I’m not sure, even if you develop a player and you play 300 matches for the one club, is he exempt from your cap?

“I don’t think that’s unreasonable given I see that, particularly at a time like now, I see that as a positive story for our game.”

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