Burns, Amor and Moore face charges

Three players have been charged with offences committed during the Super League Round 3 game between St Helens and Castleford Tigers played last Friday.

Travis Burns of St Helens has been charged with making a Grade B reckless high tackle on Justin Carney in the 23rd minute.

St Helens prop Kyle Amor has been charged with Grade C dangerous contact to the head, neck or spinal column of Jordan Tansey in the 60th minute.

Scott Moore of Castleford Tigers has been charged with Grade B dangerous contact to the limbs of Mose Masoe in the 61st minute.

All three players were charged after the incidents were viewed by the RFL Match Review Panel earlier today.

Burns, Amor and Moore do not have the option of submitting Early Guilty Pleas (EGP) and will appear before an independent disciplinary tribunal on Tuesday evening.

There were no other charges brought by the Match Review Panel from Super League Round 3 fixtures.  The Panel will reconvene on Thursday to consider incidents from the third round of the Kingstone Press Championship and iPro Sport Cup first round ties.

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