Bulldogs ‘contrite’ on Mad Monday

Canterbury will donate $30,000 to charity after expressing “contrition” following alleged comments made to a female reporter during their Mad Monday celebrations.

The sexist comments were picked up by TV cameras leading to a scandal in the press.

Bulldogs Chief Executive Todd Greenberg, said the club “deeply regretted” the damage caused to the club and the game.

“We are the first to admit that we should have handled things better,” said Greenberg.

“After completing a thorough investigation, I am now aware of every comment made. I am aware of every person that comments were attributed to and the context in which those comments were made. The players and staff have all been forthcoming with the information and honest in their discussions.

“It is clear that there were a number of inaccuracies in the media reporting but the players are gutted and are deeply concerned that language used within the room has been interpreted as having been directed to the media.

“There was a lot of sledging going on between the players and they used language that was inappropriate.

“This is something that the whole club, the players and administration, have to take responsibility for and that is why the whole club will make a contribution to an NRL nominated charity.”


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