Brown supports proposed changes to Super League


St Helens head coach Nathan Brown has admitted he is in favour of changes to Super League, should any of the RFL’s proposals come into fruition. 

Brown, whose side recorded their first win in six matches on Monday night against Leeds 30-22, was speaking at Tuesday’s Magic Weekend media launch and revealed that he is open to change.

He said: “I think it’s interesting. It’s good that people are actually out there actively looking to do things to make the game a bit more attractive, more valuable to TV and give the game the opportunity to keep players here rather than lose players. 

“It’s different, it’s not being done in the NRL, it’s a competition of its own identity and I actually admire the fact that people are actually out there putting these thoughts out there rather than just sitting there and watching things unfold because it’s obvious we do need to do something.

“I don’t know the ins and outs of all of it properly but I quite like the look of what they’re trying to achieve.”

Australian Brown is one of few Super League coaches to embrace the proposed changes after Warrington head coach Tony Smith and Castleford’s Daryl Powell both publicly slammed plans to change Super League‘s structure.

The frontrunner in the RFL’s three proposals would see two leagues of twelve teams split halfway through the season to three divisions of eight.


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