Brown still expecting Warrington to do special things

Kevin Brown says Warrington can still do special things this season despite their disappointing start to the Super League season.

The Wolves are rooted at the foot of the table having lost their first four games, and travel to newly promoted Leigh on Thursday night.

It means Brown has only tasted victory at his new club in the memorable World Club Series win over Brisbane so far.

He said: “I feel the confidence I had from pre-season is still there. I still feel like we can do special things year. None of that confidence has gone away.

“I’m disappointed and frustrated, and I feel the same as the fans. 

“We should be winning and we want to win, it’s not good enough at the minute. But I can see once we get that win and the burden goes away, we get another win and we’re playing rugby again rather than the situation and the anxiety we have at the minute.”

Brown is no stranger to adversity in his career having spent difficult periods towards the foot of the table at all of his previous clubs.

He added: “Over my career I’ve been in similar situations at Wigan, Huddersfield and Widnes. At some stage you go through this and regardless of what kind of player you are, you come out of if and your character has been tested.

“The strength you get from it mentally means you can really enjoy your wins a lot more.

“You can win six or seven on the bounce and take it for granted, I did that last year. We won six or seven at the start of the year and took it for granted and lost a few on the bounce.

“We go through this period, learn as a club how not to do it again.”

Warrington have tasted defeats against Catalans, Salford, Castleford and Wigan so far this season.

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