Brown signs new Giants deal

Kevin Brown has signed a new three-year deal with Huddersfield to keep him at the club until the end of 2012.

Brown, 24, joined the Giants from Wigan in 2006 and has played at stand-off and centre at the Galpharm Stadium.

He said: “It’s great to have signed a new deal with the Giants. The club is starting to go places and as soon I knew that Huddersfield wanted to re- sign me I had no hesitation in doing so. The Club has progressed every year since I came from Wigan and I want to continue to be a part of these exciting times. We are having a good season so far and hopefully we can finish this season well and build on it for next year.”

“We’ve got the whole structure in place at the Giants and our challenge now is to take this club to the next level. Nathan Brown and the Coaching staff have been great for me this year and I’m looking forward to learning much more from Nathan and it is one of the key reasons I signed again as I look to continue to improve every aspect of my game and to achieve my potential in the next three years.”

Brown has scored eight tries in 20 appearances for the Giants this season.

Head Coach Nathan Brown said: “When I first came here I had an open mind in all the players and I always thought that Kevin had some things going for him and generally if the team plays well Kevin contributes to this. He is an improving player and this season we have solely tried to put him in one position.”

“There are some things about Kevin’s game that are developing, he is a good running player and supporting player and his passing is improving. As he plays more football he will continue to develop the consistency of getting the balance right between these three. This will all come with experience as he settles into one position and he is definitely showing improvement in all key areas of his game.”

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