Brough backs combined Celtic nations team

Danny Brough has played over 22 games for Scotland

Three of Huddersfield’s Celtic internationals believe that a combined team, made up of Irish, Welsh and Scottish internationals, could pose England interesting questions.

The idea of a combined team, first mooted some years ago by this writer, has been recently revived by certain media figures in the game.

Wales skipper Craig Kopczak, his Scottish counterpart Danny Brough, and potential Scotland international Joe Wardle, would all be keen to put their hands up for selection, if such a side came into being.

“I think it would be a great addition to the calendar,” Wardle told Love Rugby League.

“I think it’d give a good test for England, and could only benefit the game and the international scene.

“I’m all for it. If I’m playing well, and get asked, then I’d definitely play.”

His enthuasism for the concept was backed by his club and international captain Danny Brough.

“I would play,” said Brough.

“I just love playing the game. That’s me.”

Kopczak, meanwhile, not only backs the idea of such a fixture, but also views it as a chance to make a claim for a Great Britain and Ireland jersey, should the team tour as expected in 2015.

“That’d be fantastic. We’ve got Wales, and Scotland who did massively well in the World Cup, and Ireland as well,” he said.

“The combination of all of those players could be great. We could challenge England to a great game.

“If it came off, I’m sure the fans would turn up to watch the game.

“Ever since I was a kid, I always looked up to the GB team.

“That was the ultimate goal, to get to that team. If it came round again, then I’ll do my best to get into that squad.

“It’d be a huge honour to be selected. it’d be fantastic.”

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