Broncos pair escape the sack

Brisbane boss Bruno Cullen has revealed that Steve Michaels and Nick Kenny will not be axed from the Broncos squad, despite receiving a police warning about their behaviour last weekend.

They were told to move on after misbehaving in Byron Bay last Saturday evening with police confirming that Michaels had kicked a car tyre while a Kenny was caught urinating in public.

Cullen says that the pair will be disciplined, although it is unlikley that either Michaels or Kenny will face the sack or even suspension.

In a statement he said: “We are constantly reminding the players about acceptable levels of behaviour and the dangers of socialising, especially in unfamiliar territory.”

“Therefore we will be dealing with the matter internally by disciplining the players involved”

“Once again, we are reminding players and representatives of the club not to put themselves in these types of situations.”

The club still reeling from sexual assault allegations levelled at three players last season. The alledged incident took place following Brisbane’s semi-final victory over the Sydney Roosters in September, prompting a review of the club’s policy on alcohol.

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