Broncos confident ahead of WCC

The Brisbane Broncos feel confident as they prepare for their World Club Challenge match against St Helens next week.

 Both captain Darren Lockyer and coach Wayne Bennett have stated that the team is more confident this year on the back of their impressive premiership win in 2006. Lockyer, who had an amazing season last year will be looking to add the 2007 World Club Challenge to his long list of achievements. He is already off to a winning start, proposing to his girlfriend Lauren Pollock before departing Australia.

 Coach Bennett has seen his side grow in confidence since last year, but is still wary of the challenges ahead.

"Last year's over and the way the players have gone about their training indicates they're not thinking too much about 2006,'' said Bennett.

"There's a confidence in the team this time that wasn't there last year and that comes with success.''

One of the major challenges for the Broncos will be the vast climate difference they will have to deal with. Brisbane has been experiencing sweltering weather consistently in the 30 degree Celsius range, but will be faced with much cooler conditions in England.

"We know what the difficulties are and what to expect,'' said Bennett.

"The game on Thursday (against the Celtic Crusaders) when it will be one or two degrees will help us a little bit.

"The facilities have improved a lot but the issue for us will be finding training venues that aren't bogged up that would take our legs away from us.''

In other Broncos news, Sam Thaiday and Tame Topou have both passed body fat tests and have made the trip, overcoming earlier concerns that they were not fit enough.

"They struggled and we came down pretty hard on Sam and Garry (Tame) with regards to body weight,'' said Bennett.

"They wouldn't have made this trip today if they hadn't met a certain criteria set them. I'm pleased they have.

"Their body language was pretty bad in the first week back but they re-tested yesterday and they brained it.''

Despite being confident, Bennett made it clear that the Broncos would not be underestimating St Helens and expected a tough encounter.

"They've got some great talent and a coach who was brought up here and who coached the Warriors.

"They play like an Australian side, there's no doubt about it, which is good because we're used to that type of football.''

Brisbane will play a warm-up match against the Celtic Crusaders on Thursday ahead of their battle with St Helens next Friday at Bolton's Reebok Stadium.

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