Broncos agree to play

Brisbane Chief Executive Bruno Cullen says that the Broncos will field a team against Canterbury tommorrow, despite fears that a Swine Flu pandemic could ravage the NRL.

The club have voiced their concerns after their players were forced into a 72-hour quarantine on Monday meaning they have been unable to train.

“Today when the Queensland Health Service made the decision that the players would be able to play despite the quarantine, we were a bit caught out,” said Cullen.
“Our medical staff also indicated that they thought with no preparation all week there was a real risk of injury due to the physicality of the game that is the NRL.”
“So when we made that indication to the NRL it was because we were of the opinion that it would just be impossible to play tomorrow night and some sort of compromise would be better for the players.”

Fullback Karmichael Hunt became the second player to contract the virus yesterday alongside Bulldogs prop Ben Hannant who tested positive last week.

Winger Antonio Winterstien meanwhile, has been sent for tests.

Cullen addded: “After talking through the issue more tonight with the management, club directors and coaching staff, we thought if the players wanted to play, we would let them play.”

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