Bristol hoping to host Rugby League World Cup 2021 matches

Bristol is planning to bid for hosting the Rugby League World Cup matches in 2021 at the Ashton Gate.

A great number of punters are already hoping for a gala time in 2021, not just for the chance to enjoy a once in a lifetime sports event but because they would get to indulge in some exciting online sports betting during the Rugby World Cup. It’s easy enough to get in on the action but it’s crucial to know the game, the players and the teams. With 2021 being a few years away, there’s plenty of time to learn your stuff before putting any of your heard earned cash down on any matches. People are also punting on the possibility of Bristol getting an approval to host the matches.

Plenty for Bristol to be excited about!

Talking to the BBC and upon being asked about their plan of submitting a bid for the RFL (Rugby Football League) in July, a member of the Bristol City Council said, “We want to attract more world-class events to the city; with the Cycling Grand Prix happening later this year and the announcement of the Cricket World Cup coming to the city the year after, there is plenty to get excited about over the next two years!”

In fact, the event has been attracting venue interest from overseas as well, including from Ireland and France.

Bristol to have its own rugby outfit too

Bristol had earlier hosted the Rugby League World Cup games in the year 2013, when the game between the Cook Islands and the USA was played at the Bristol Rovers FC’s Memorial Stadium. It was sold out to a record crowd and was won by the US with a 32-20 score line.

Please note, Bristol doesn’t have any professional rugby league outfit as yet. But the recently announced merger of Oxford and Gloucestershire All Golds is expected to change things as Bristol would try to find a middle ground between the two sides.

The merger proposal has been accepted by the RFL, and Ralph Rimmer, the chief operating officer of RFL told BBC in a recent interview, “Oxford and Gloucester have come to the conclusion that the best way for them to now move forward is by creating a new club in Bristol that is backed by significant support and investment.”

On the other hand, Bristol does have a side for the amateur Rugby league, known as Bristol Sonics, who are actively involved in the West of England League. Phil Cole, the Bristol Sonics chairman has welcomed the news of Bristol bidding for the World Cup matches and expressed his delight at seeing Bristol host the games again. You can stay updated about all the latest news from the league at

Ashton Gate, the proposed venue

This time around, Bristol is pushing Ashton Gate as the potential venue, which is a joint home of the Bristol city’s premiership-bound rugby union side and the Bristol city football club.

Talking further to the press, Phil Cole said that they would hopefully be involved with the legacy side of things and would be campaigning for increasing women’s participation in the game, over the next few years. He reminisced the success of 2013 when Memorial Stadium hosted the exciting game that evening.

Experts feel that Ashton Gate is in with a very good chance to host one of the RFL games despite the fact that the World Cup officials have clearly stated their intentions to host 80% of the matches in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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