Briscoe admits i-pitch advantage

New Vikings recruit, Shaun Briscoe hopes that Widnes’ new I-pitch will give the club an advantage in 2012.

The full back, who has been given the role of vice captain, revealed that he has been won over by the new playing surface after doubting the concept earlier this year.

“I must admit at first I was pretty sceptical, after previous similar pitches I’ve played on, and I wasn’t looking forward to it.”

“We have trained quite often on it and we’ve had two games against our Under-20s so we’re getting used to it and how it reacts,” he said. “Hopefully it will give us a bit of an advantage.”

“But, once you start trying it out, it goes out of your mind and it feels like a normal surface. When you land on it and or slide on it, it reacts the same as grass.” 

“It’s probably more psychological than anything else. A lot of players from other clubs have asked me about and I tell them it’s really bad, I keep building it up.”

Widnes will take to the artificial pitch on Friday in their return to Super League where they will face Wakefield.

Briscoe has stated that he believes Widnes will take time to gel after a lot of transfers in the off-season.

“People are expecting us to struggle but we’ve got our own ideas of where want to be.” 

“It’s always going to be tough the first season back. We’ve got 16 new signings and it’s going to take time.”

“We’re not under any illusions. We’re not talking about winning Grand Finals. We’re quietly going about our business. It’s a season of progression, of stepping stones. 

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